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Chardon & Abbott Newsletter – September 2015


The heat has been turned up on investment lending and the impact is being felt across the board, from first-timers to experienced investors.

There has been a significant increase in enquiries from people seeking out their options, keen to find out how the changes impact their investment loans and what can be done to minimise this impact.

We’ve been able to give some great advice to investors and in many cases save them significant sums of money. Check out our article ‘How Investment Lending Changes Will Affect You’ on article 2 and give us a call with questions that are specific to your individual circumstance.

Also in this issue read about how Home Styling can help your property sell faster and for a better price (article 3) and what life has in store for us in 2020 (article 4).

Enjoy this newsletter and feel free to pass it on to family and friends.


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