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First Home Owners



First Home Owners Grants arranged on your behalf.


Budget your repayments to suit you.


Find out what deposit you require and how much you can borrow.


We deal with all mainstream and non-bank lenders.

Chardon & Abbott arranged our loan approval, First Home Owners Grant and provided an avenue for us to take up Life Insurance to protect us for any unforeseen circumstances. His guidance and advice was great and we would recommend Chardon & Abbott to anyone buying a home.
Robert and Monique, Cranebrook


FREE Pre-Qualifications

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Start you journey with us and see the benefits of getting a FREE Pre-Qualification.


First Home Owners Grant

First Home Owners Grants arranged on your behalf, take the headache of doing this yourself.

Budget your Repayments

Ensuring your lifestyle and mortgage repayments work hand in hand ensuring you don’t overstretch your budget.

Be Informed.

Avoid the disappointment by ensuring you know your borrowing capacity, deposit and repayments.

Variety of Choices.

We deal with all mainstream and non-bank lenders offering you the most competitive interest rates and loan types.


Robert and Monique

case study.


Robert and Monique wanted to purchase unregistered land and construct their first home. They weren’t aware of the First Home Benefits offered and found them short of what they wanted to borrow but with the First Home Owners Grant Funds, they were able to build the home they wanted and not pay stamp duty.

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