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Use equity in your existing home to invest.


Tax benefits for investors.


Create wealth.


We deal with all mainstream and non-bank lenders.

investors_testimonial I have used Chardon and Abbott Home Loans for several years with my investment properties. I have never had to leave my home as the boys always call in to see me and their prompt service is always consistently greatey have built up in the investment properties.
Paul, Twin Creeks.


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A FREE Pre-Approval gives you the confidence to make offers.


Use your Equity to Invest

A simple and easy process to use un-tapped equity in your home on your new property investment.

Tax Benefits for Investors.

Let us introduce you to some of our contacts who can assist in structuring your investment property purchase to benefit your tax position.

Create Wealth.

We can show you how investing creates more wealth for now and in retirement.

Variety of Options.

We deal with all mainstream and non-bank lenders offering you the most competitive interest rates and loan types.


Adam and Donna

case study.


Adam and Donna all but owned their own home and wanted to use some of the unused equity. We provided contact with an accountant who discussed the benefits of purchasing an investment property and we proceeded to arrange a pre-approval for them to purchase a home. They have since purchased three investment properties but now use equity they have built up in the investment properties.

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