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Janet Chardon and Abbott provided me with a free pre-approval from my lender of choice and l though it took several offers on quite a few homes, I could negotiate with the agent knowing my finance was in place…..very easy process”Janet Payne, Penrith.


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Find out how much you can borrow before making your offer.


Negotiate with Confidence

Have confidence knowing the bank has signed off on your employment and financial position, to be able to secure your new home.

Obligation FREE!

Pre-approvals are free and will normally last about three months allowing our borrowers to take their time.

Avoid Dissapointments

Not having a pre-approval is a recipe for disappointment as you may not qualify for what you want.

Ready to Buy!

A written pre-approval gives buyers an edge with real estate agents knowing they have a serious buyer.


James & Lisa

case study.


James and Lisa decided to make offers on a home and approached our office after they had only to find they didn’t qualify for the loan size they wanted….very disappointed clients. They obtained a Pre-Approval for the maximum they wanted to offer and secured the home without problem.

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