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Home Loan Refinance



Reduce your monthly payments!


Lower your interest rate!


Save your money.


Unlock equity in your home!


I came across Chardon & Abbott Home Loans via my son-in-law and from the outset, he provided the right expertise and knowledge that I’ve never had from any other Broker and at the same time saved me literally thousands on my home loan.
Perry Lopez


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Find out how much you can  save and reduce your home loan term!


Lower Monthly Payments

By refinancing your home loan it can reduce your payments and get you into a product that suits your current financial position.

Lower your Interest Rate

Most borrowers don’t know the market and aren’t aware of what other lenders can offer and in most cases, they’re  being charged too much in interest and fees.

Save Money

Refinancing allows borrowers to revisit their current financial position to assess whether consolidating credit card or personal loan debts will make their financial position easier.

Unlock your Equity

your home holds equity you may not be aware of and refinancing can unlock some of that equity for either personal or investment use.



case study.


John originally had a poor credit report and had to pay a higher interest rate when he first purchased his home until his credit report was clear. He approached our office to refinance his loan and saved several thousand dollars in interest by switching to a major bank.

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